Donatus Nohr, PhD

portrait Nohr

Prof. Nohr graduated with a Diploma in Zoology from the University of Frankfurt (1982) where he also obtained a PhD in Zoology (Behaviorism and Neurobiology; 1985). During his habilitation in human Anatomy at the University of Mainz (1996) he was a guest scientist at NIHM (Bethesda, USA) investigating the peptidergic innervation of rhesus monkey respiratory tract. At the Department of Neuroanatomy at Düsseldorf University (1996-2001) he investigated human brain development with NMR-spectroscopy and histochemistry before he moved to the Nutrition department at the University of Hohenheim (2001). Here, he investigates the role of vitamin A in various aspects and the supplementation  of vitamin A in the development of the respiratory tract in vitamin A-deficient extremely low birthweight children. Another topic is the role of high-dose vitamin C application in cancer. In another international project, the problems of hidden hunger in sub-sahara Africa and possible solutions are on his agenda. He is member of the editorial advisory board of Nutrition.